Using Ovation with All Job Boards

Ovation allows you to create job postings from scratch, use past postings, or access editable job descriptions from the Ovation library. You can also set up your own library of company specific job postings.  job postings. job posting sites, job boards, Ovation allows a user to manage job postings to any job board. When a user creates a job posting in Ovation, either from scratch or from the Ovation template library of job descriptions, Ovation  creates a unique web link to the new posting.

A job applicant clicks on the web link within the job description to complete the job application or to upload their resume to be ranked against other applicants with Ovation’s system to rank candidates according to best suited for the job.

While Ovation allows  direct posting to Indeed, Simplyhired, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, here is how you can use Ovation with any job board, even niche boards:

Create a job posting in Ovation

It is important to create an appealing and comprehensive job description.

Here a sample of a job posting ready to be published

A professional job post will include specific responsibilities and skills or other requirements that the job seeker must have to be best suited for the job.Notice the Job Posting Details2This web link will take the job applicant directly to the Ovation application which they can complete or upload their resume. Once they do, it will be ranked by Ovation and shown with other applicants’ submissions for the Ovation user’s review. When posting to a job board not directly supported by Ovation, the user can simply highlight and copy the job description on the Ovation Job Posting Details page,

Job Posting Details3

drop it into any job board’s job description page and add the  Link to job description and application. Job boards post job descriptions for job seekers to identify opportunities..

Now, all potential job candidates will be directed to the Ovation job application webpage to complete the job application and their application will join those of candidates who responded to similar posts on other job boards.

For more information about posting jobs within Ovation see the Help Section.


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