Your Best Employees Are Working for Someone Else

For most hospitality businesses, hiring is a chore—eating up time and money—and as a result, restaurants have become notorious for high turnover rates.

passive job seekers are the highest quality employees for your restaurant, profile of a job candidate, job seekersThe task of finding new people is seen as a constant distraction to most restaurant owners because it takes them away from what they believe to be most important—providing the best service possible for their patrons! Over time, the cycle of hiring-training-firing-hiring has become known as a necessary evil and for many restaurant owners this is still the case. 

But does it have to be this way?

Look around your restaurant. Do your employees convey the quality, excellence and friendly environment you worked hard to establish?

Most restaurants, bars and nightclubs rely exclusively on walk-ins for their hiring pool. Why? The main reason is that we like to size up potential employees in-person to see if they fit the look and feel of our establishment. As you may have learned the hard way, relying solely on walk-ins can limit the scope and therefore the quality of employees that you have to choose from.

So where are all of these seasoned, experienced service industry job seekers? The answer is simple. They are currently working in other restaurants, and an alarming 74% of them are actively looking for a better place to work. In fact, 35% of these applicants, known as “passive job seekers”, start preparing for their next job search within weeks of starting a new one.

According to, “long before candidates even step through a potential employer’s doors, they’ve already engaged with that employer in some way to find out about its reputation as an employer – much the same way consumers research potential purchases before even going to the store”.

So how do you reach this untapped spring of talent? Well, they’re certainly not “walking-in” your door but they are searching for job opportunities on the internet. Job seekers are conducting their job search by visiting your company website, social media and job boards.

The Ovation hiring tool allows you to reach more of these passive job seekers without the hassle of logging in and out of multiple job boards and social networks. Simply create your open job position in the Ovation app and it is automatically published to several popular networks with the click of a button. These highly-qualified job seekers can now find your business while searching on the web.

So, who would you rather spend your valuable time interviewing,  walk-ins off the street—or hospitality workers with excellent customer service running deep in their blood; people who love what they do?

Great people are out there and you might even see them now and then—working for someone else. Try Ovation absolutely free for 30 days and see the difference hiring automation can make on your quality of service and your bottom line.


What do you think about that?

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