Save Time Using Job Search Websites to Find Employees

Are you tired of looking for employees?

competitive job market, job seekers, employers, good candidatesIn today’s competitive global job market, finding quality employees continues to be a challenge. Job search websites are a very powerful tool for recruiting applicants, with benefits that often get overlooked by small businesses.

So, what are job search websites?

Job search websites are sites where job seekers can apply for jobs instantly. Conversely, they are sites that employers can post job openings. There are websites that gather the results of many of such sites, and plainly present the choices to the job seeker. and are two such sites, with up to 7.5 million visitors per site each month. According to a survey conducted by, “87% of Baby Boomers choose job boards as the resource they turn to first in a job search, followed by 82% of Gen X and 77% of Gen Y where all generations spent between 5 and 20 hours per week searching for jobs online”.

How do these sites work?

Whenever a prospective employee fills out an online application, it is stored in a database. The same goes for when an employer posts a job opening. Then these indexing sites gather all the information from these databases, from multiple different sites. Think Google, except they specify in searching employment websites for data instead of the entire web. This saves both the employer and applicant time by only having to visit one site, and getting the benefit of visiting many.

What are the benefits of using employment websites?

If your not already using job search sites to advertise your jobs, your missing out. Employers who have adapted benefit from:

  • Saving time by only posting your opening on one site.
  • Employment websites are usually free for the job seeker. This increases the number of people that visit them.
  • Search engines help narrow results, allowing you to see only the relevant information.
  • With internet based searching, job seekers from all over will see your post.
  • A resume can be uploaded, allowing employers more searchable data.
  • The time it takes to update your post is significantly less.

How can employers get more applicants for the job?

There are many tools available that can help employers create high-ranking job listings, effectively increasing the number and quality of applicants you get for that listing. This works like SEO for normal websites. Through certain techniques, these tools can help get your listing at the top of its class where everyone can see it.

Starting the search for good employees is easy

If you want to hire the best employees, you have to start by being visible where the best talent is spending the majority of their time searching; online. The Ovation hiring tool will help you find good employees.  Try Ovation free for 30 days and see how your business can harness the power of job search websites.


What do you think about that?

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