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The Secret Behind Hiring the Best Employees

How to Start Thinking Like a Candidate

Find employees, job posting site, Hiring Tips, Hospitality, Job Seekers, Personal Background Checks, Retail	Application for employment, Business, Candidate, Company, Employment, Job description, Job search, jobsThe job market is getting better, especially for qualified candidates. The use of social recruiting and job boards like Indeed and Craigslist provide a job seeker with many options. So, to be successful in your search for the ‘perfect’ candidate requires a strategy to make your offer more enticing than others. Think like a candidate when you are casting your recruiting net. Ovation is designed to help craft professional job descriptions and applications which are effective tool to do just that.

The qualified job seeker is looking for a job relevant to their skills and ambitions, they often won’t stick around your post if it isn’t in their sweet spot. So, capture their attention quickly and keep it.

Here are 8 tips to help you get inside a candidate’s mindset:

1. Make the job title as relevant to the job as possible because many people search for a job using a site’s keyword search. For example, rather than just labeling a position “Restaurant Manager”, get more specific with job titles like, “Manager for Fine Dining Restaurant” or “Manager for Fast Food Chain of Restaurants”. Try “Audit Manager for CPA firm” rather than “Auditor” or ‘Accountant’.

2. Establish “WIIFM” or “What’s in it for Me?” in the opening paragraph of the job description. For example, rather than starting with ‘ You will be responsible…’, one might say “Our team of professionals provide an energized environment that makes work fun and stimulating…”.

3. Talk about your company’s culture and include the team in describing that culture. For example, “Our team enjoys flex schedules and work together to get jobs done timely and correctly” or “Our team is empowered to make the customer happy, because a new customer is harder to get than a happy repeat customer”.

4. Be as precise as possible when listing the required skills and qualifications required. List optional skills as such so, as not to discourage applicants who fit the job but may not have those extras. At the same time, a specific job description will weed out the unqualified applicants.

5. List the location of the job and if there are optional locations, list them. Many companies hire on a regional or national basis. Candidates finding your postings on the Internet may be interested in another location or in working remotely.

6. List the pay range of the position so you don’t waste your time or their time. If a job doesn’t meet their pay expectations, let them move on to another posting.

7. List some of the benefits your company offers, and not necessarily those that cost you money, like free lunches, tuition reimbursement, 401Ks, and gym memberships. For example flex schedules and dog friendly work environments are very important to many candidates. Remember, they are buying into your culture as well as the job itself.

8. Ask specific questions in the job application. Ovation allows you to ask custom questions of the applicant. These are very useful in ranking the candidate according to suitability. For example, ‘Do you have the _____ certification?’ or ‘Do you have reliable transportation?’ or ‘Are you available for various shifts?’


Do You Know What’s on Your Personal Background Check?

hFive Reasons You Should Check Your Own Background

Approximately 70% of employers are ordering background checks on new hires. In addition, background checks are routinely ordered on volunteers to almost any type of organization. “No problem”, you say? If you have nothing to hide, go ahead and check it, Right? Maybe

The National Consumer Law Center says thousands of people are being taken by surprise and losing out on opportunities because faulty background information is being used to make decisions. Over one half of the courts in the US put criminal records on their websites. That means they are likely to show up in the most unsophisticated attempts to search one’s background, including a simple Google search. Errors can then get spread all over the Internet.

Five of the most common reasons for incorrect background check results

  1. Identity theft is growing-According to the US Department of Justice; over 8.5 million people were victims of identity theft in 2010. Stolen identities are used most commonly used to commit crimes. Those who steal identities are often arrested and continue the charade with the authorities. Guess whose record the crime goes on – the stolen one.
  1. Charges that were dismissed – A record of dismissed charges should not appear on a legitimate background check of criminal records. However, since different authorities use different procedures to remove the records, many slip through and show up, again and again.
  1. Common or similar names – Many people have similar or exactly the same names as others. If a company pulls someone else’s record by mistake, no telling what will be reported.
  1. Misclassification of minor offenses as major crimes – The difference between misdemeanors and felonies is sometimes very small, especially in traffic and drug possession charges.
  1. Records that were supposed to be sealed aren’t always– The process to seal criminal records varies in different jurisdictions.  Once a record is sealed, the instance is as if it never existed. However, if the process to seal a record was faulty or incomplete, it can show up on a background search.

Do you know what is on your background records? You can find out by running a background check on yourself. First of all it is a good idea to know what a background check by another will disclose, but it will also provide you with information to get the records corrected. If you find your records are in error, contact the source of the error, including Federal, State and Local judicial authorities and request the records be corrected. Also, if an employer or another notifies you that a background check will be performed on you, request that you receive a copy of the report-it is your legal right.