Hiring Tips for Employers

Smarter1Today’s hiring market is highly competitive. As the economy recovers, new business opportunities stimulate the job market. With many firms vying for the best employees, traditional hiring methods are not working. Newspaper classified ads, campus recruiting and even hanging a sign in the window are not going to reach today’s job seeker. The are looking on the Internet through job boards and social media.

Luckily, there are great software tools like Ovation that make accessing online candidates easily and professionally. Large companies no longer have the hiring edge because now any business can cast a wide net for the best candidates.

Professional job descriptions that include not only the job, but why the hiring company is a good place to work attract the best job seekers. Posts that are widely published across multiple job boards and social networks will get the most views. Having all applicant responses coming to a single platform, ranked according to best suitable, can actually make hiring fun.

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