Hiring for Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Hotels and Entertainment Venues

hThe Hospitality Industry is a people business to be sure. Some would say that it is one of the hardest business model because, it involves making people happy-especially hungry, thirsty and tired people.

Ovation understands that the industry often is the victim of high turnover and relies on a younger, more transitory workforce. Ovation provides an easy way to find, screen and bring new employees on-board. In fact, Ovation’s low pricing and ease of use enables a business to always have a ready group of individuals who want to work for your business.

hFor pennies a day, with our auto-renew function, a business can keep a job post always running on the popular job boards and social networks. That way, you can focus on the demands of your business and if a staffing need arises, merely look at your inventory of candidates and quickly fill the spot.

Have you ever wished you could handle walk-ins without stopping what you are doing and having them fill out an application (which will likely be misplaced)? Here is a solution: Ovation allows you to insert a few lines of prepared code on your website that will keep your job postings fresh and available for walk-ins or other interested candidates. You can simply refer them to your website. This combined with an auto renewal of job posts will let Ovation do you hiring lifting for you.

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