Candidates Ranked with Star System

Star ranking brings best candidates to the top

When a candidate applies to a job posted through Ovation, the application is ranked according to suitability and shows up on the Candidate Page with star ratings. The more stars a candidate receives, the better fit they will likely make. The ranking is based on the responses they give within the application. Items such as desired skills, location, and the answers to custom questions added to the job post are used to rank the candidates. The user can sort candidates according to several criteria including: Interested; Not Interested; Undecided; Declined; Hired

Here are a few tips to make the ranking system more useful to you:

1. Be Precise when listing the Required and Optional Skills in your job description.

The more detail you are when listing the Required & Optional Skills, the better. These are used in ranking each candidate against others. If the job requires certain certifications or training, list it. Be as straightforward and concise with the descriptions of the skills needed or desired to best suit the job’s needs.

2. Use the Custom Question section of the Job Posting Page

Ask job and company culture specific questions. This is the time to ask specific questions about experience and other things pertinent to the job. Ask the rest of your current team for ideas for the questions- that will empower them and will result in a better job post.

3. A specific Job Description will help Eliminate the Unqualified Candidates

If the job has quantifiable measures, put them in the job description. For example if the job requires certain sales quotas, list them. For example, “Responsible for a minimum 20% sales closure rate”.
The job description is the place to clearly outline the company’s expectations and can be used to measure an employee’s success in the job.


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