On-boarding – Electronic Delivery of New Hire Paperwork

hOn-boarding means getting a new hire ready to begin work. One of the basic parts of on-boarding is to have the new employee complete the necessary paperwork. The Ovation On-boarding feature  will automatically prepare and send pre-populated documents such as W-4, I-9, W-9, Direct Deposit forms, and New Hire Information forms for payroll. You can also add up to ten custom documents of your own  to the On-boarding feature, such as Welcome letters, First Day Directions, Company Benefit Summaries, etc. The Ovation on-boarding function allows your company to consistently deliver and collect the important information about your employees as soon as you hire them. One less thing to worry about.

As soon as you indicate Hire on the Candidate Page, the On-boarding feature will present itself. The On-boarding feature is optional and costs $5 per new hire.

You can use the On-boarding feature for employees not hired through Ovation by clicking On-boarding on the opening page after login or by clicking the Other Orders tab at the top of the Job Posting or Candidate pages.


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