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socialmedia-300x255Ovation allows you to create job postings from scratch, use past postings, or access editable job descriptions from the Ovation library. You can also set up your own library of company specific job postings. Once you have crafted the job posting to your satisfaction, Ovation helps you publish it to job boards, social networks and to your select contacts. You can even download a snippet of code (in settings) to your company site and display your job opportunities there, as well.

At Ovation, we recognize that most businesses can achieve great job posting coverage through, You can publish to these automatically if you like. You can also, post to If your company has a good social presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, publish there also as these social networks extend your reach to where the candidates hang out and share with each other. Of course, you have the option, on the Settings Page, to post your opportunities on Ovation’s social network accounts to extend the coverage even further.

A single job posting costs $20 and candidates will be able to respond to the posting for a 30 day period from the date of the posting’s open status. Bulk purchases can bring the cost down to as low as $10 per posting.

Here are a few tips in developing and posting job opportunities:

1. Write an appealing job post

Always make sure your job description is complete, realistic and engaging. A tired, tedious job post can easily be lost on a social network. The most compelling posts, ones with the best response rates, stand out and talk to the candidate. Personalize your descriptions. The first person tense allows the reader picture themselves in the job. Utilizing phrases like “you will be responsible to…” or “you will help the team achieve…” can make a difference in attracting confident team players.

2. Upload your company logo and craft an appealing opening paragraph

On the Account Information Page in the Settings of Ovation, you can upload your company logo to appear on your job post. A company’s logo adds value to the company brand and a strong company brand is appealing to job seekers.
On the Job Postings Settings Page you can also craft custom Posting Intro Text which will appear at the top of each job post. The default text is fully editable and can be a nice place to make a general statement about your company.

3. Ask Questions early

Asking the right questions early in the process will help identify qualified candidates quickly. Many hiring tools can be customized to ask candidates job-specific questions in advance of a face-to-face or telephone interview. For example, asking about reliable transportation, shift availability, or relocation preferences can be useful in vetting candidates to narrow your search.

4. Re-post often

Like a loaf of bread, social media posts can become stale fast. New job postings continuously push older ones down the list. To succeed, you must keep yours on top and ahead of the pack. The key is to re-post often on sites like Craigslist and Twitter. This will keep your place on prime web page real estate. Frequent wording changes in the Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook posts can also help improve response rates.

5. Cast a wide net

Job applicants don’t all look in the same place for opportunities. For example, a potential restaurant manager may only be searching under “Hospitality” or “Food Service.”  However, posting the same job under “Business Management” or “Customer Service” may generate other excellent candidates. Outstanding candidates can often be found by networking, so don’t forget to start your search with a reach out to your contact list asking for referrals.

6. Respond Quickly

The ease of applying for jobs through social networks allows candidates to respond to many job posts. To get the right person for the job, sometimes employers have to act fast. If you see an attractive application, response or resume, respond to the applicant with timely emails, texts or a phone call indicating your interest.

Also, it is easy to forget about the tension job seekers feel when waiting. Never leave anyone on the hook. Drop an email to all applicants, informing them whether they are or are not in the running. Respectful communication will always be appreciated, even if it is not pleasant news


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