Ovation gives a Retail Business a Hiring Advantage

retail hiring, seasonal workers, retail rush, hiring tool for retailers, onboarding retail hiresThe retail industry experiences fairly high turnover and typically hires younger workers because of the low wages and unskilled and semi-skilled nature of its jobs. So, robust retail establishments are always in the hiring mode. Retail companies such as K-mart were the first to adopt in-store hiring kiosks. These were PC based stations that a job seeker could come in and complete a job application right in the store without intruding on the store employees’ time. These kiosks became very popular among larger retail companies and were rapidly deployed across the nation.

As the Internet became more accessible, many stores got rid of the in-store kiosks and developed hiring pages on their websites that job seekers could access. This freed up the store space that the kiosks held and allowed store managers to simply refer walk-ins to the web. The web hiring pages became centralized so that a job seeker could specify which geographic area they preferred to work at. This allowed retail recruiters to route the right candidates to the stores in need.

This type of system works well if a company has the scale to implement and administer it. For smaller companies with only one or a handful of locations, the traditional method of walk-in candidates remains the norm.

hOvation allows a retail company of any size the luxury of having a virtual hiring kiosk. Not only can a business post jobs to a multitude of venues such as Craigslist, and, they can easily create their own web hiring page on their website. Ovation provides a Job Posting Widget which is a snippet of code that a company can easily insert on their website. This will create a hiring area that will automatically post job openings advertised using the Ovation tool. The company can than direct walk-ins to their website to complete applications, freeing up the store personnel from accommodating on-the-spot-job applications.

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